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June 24, 2014

'Star Wars' Gets The 'Guardian of the Galaxy' Trailer Treatment... And It Is AMAZING!

Even though Star Wars came out way back in 1977, it is still the movie of choice of most self respecting Sci Fi geeks in the world. So it is no surprise when Star Wars pops up in mash ups with current properties. But the latest instance that I saw was just to great not to share. The Unusual Suspects took the most recent Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and mashed it up with footage from the old Star Wars films, and boy are the results a ton of fun to watch! This trailer mash up captures the fun and comical essence of the Star Wars films and also highlight the superb Sci Fi style that was present in the Star Wars franchise. This makes me want to watch the original trilogy over again. Watch both the Guardians and Star Wars mashed up trailer after the jump for comparisons...

Guardians Trailer:

Star Wars Mash Up Trailer:

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