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June 24, 2014

The Killing Joke Brought Back To Life By Mr. Misiano

The Killing Joke is one of the most iconic comics ever to come to fruition. I hate Alan Moore as a person, but I so love him as a writer. Artist Brian Bolland draws the characters in a very unique way... especially The Joker, who is the centerpiece of the book. He has never looked as normal and as maniacal as he did in that book. In one frame he looks as normal as a white face painted clown could, wearing silly clothes (the Hawaiian shirt scene) and looking normal. Then there are the iconic images of him looking crazier then ever (think the Hahahahaha background) and him doing wacked out shit like shooting poor Barbara Gordon. Bolland really toes the line between sanity and insanity when it comes to the Joker in this book, and that is what makes it such an iconic work for that character. Enter Joker cosplayer Mr. Misiano, who brings the Joker to life in a way that I have never seen duplicated. He has many poses and scenes for sale on his site, but his two best have to be from The Killing Joke. He re-creates both the cover and the HaHaHa scene masterfully. They are so close to the originals it is scary. It makes you really appreciate a good... no, GREAT cosplayer. Check out both with the comparison photos after the jump...

Original Bolland Art
Mr. Misiano Version

Original Bolland Cover

Mr. Misiano

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