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June 24, 2014

Can 'Tyrant' Be FX's Next Big Hit & Provide A Solid Summer Show For Fans At The Same Time?

I am always on the look out for new shows to watch, but especially at this time of year. The summer is often suffers from a glut of original programming, and in years previous was always the place to show re-runs and dump shows that the networks don't think can make it in the Fall. However, attitudes have changed with the cable success of shows like True Blood (one of HBO's best regarded) and network shows like Under The Dome (huge ratings for CBS last summer, returning next week!). Now all networks are not only scrambling to come up with original shows for the summer... they are going BIG on the shows they are putting out. Tyrant is one of FX's entries for this summer (they also have The Strain from Guillermo del Torro, which I am looking forward to as well) and it promises to be big on drama and budget. The Middle East set show focuses on a family of significant power in that area of the world and the struggles that come with that power. It has the feel of The Godfather to it, and FX is sparing no expense, filming the show on location in Moracco to get the authentic feel for the area of the world they are portraying. It also comes from the executive producers of Homeland, which have been doing a hell of a job over at Showtime. All in all, I am intrigued. The first show is tonight (Tuesday) at 10 pm... tune in. The Tyrant on FX Youtube page has a bunch of 30 second trailers, which you can watch by clicking here. You can see two very informative teaser clips, one about the show and one about the location shooting, after the jump embedded. I think this might be a good one... we shall see!!!

Tyrant: First Look

Tyrant: On Location

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