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May 6, 2014

The Creature Project by Steve Seeley

I came across the work of artist Steve Seeley in a very similar fashion to the way I find a lot of material here on CCD. A friend shared a link to an article over at the Juxtapoz website about a gallery of pics that Seeley did featuring superheroes interacting with animals in nature. The pics were cool, and I planned on sharing them here. But when I got to his website, I was blown away by a ton of other stuff that he has done. One project that drew me in was 'The Creature Project'. In 'The Creature Project' Seeley took a specific cover of a Gold Key magazine UFO Flying Saucers #5 and re-imagines the alien creatures on it. So the background remains the same, but the creature changes. Seeley has been doing these actively since 2004, and on his website he has 20+ of them in a gallery. Some of them are quirky and simple, some are extremely detailed... they are all awesome, and fun. This often happens to me when scouting stuff for CCD. I am brought to something, and then find something even cooler once I am there. You can see the whole 'The Creature Project' by clicking here, and check out my personal faves after the jump...

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