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May 14, 2014

R.I.P. To H.R. Giger, A True Artistic Genius

H.R. Giger is a Swiss artist who created one of the greatest movie monsters of all time. His works and artistic ideals led to the creation of the Xenomorph, of Alien fame. But the way I came to know and love his work was a bit weirder than that. Giger designed the VIP room in Limelight, the famous NYC nightclub that was so dope during the early 90s. It is the first club I ever went to in my life... at the ripe old age of 14. I was taken by some older friends and spent the first hour in the club wandering around. The coolest part about Limelight had to be that it was a former church. The exterior remained exactly the same, and the interior retained many of the churches original designs (like the altar, which was the DJ booth). But there were a few separate rooms, in which different music was played then the main room. So as a wide eyed kid, I wandered into a VIP room and managed to weasel my way in. As I entered, I was blown away.... the whole rooms walls were decorated with the artistic styling of H.R. Giger! It was crazy in there... and one of the coolest nightclub scenes I have ever seen since. It was the coolest themed room in the whole joint, and in all the years that I would visit Limelight I always tried to pop in there just to catch a glimpse of his magnificent work. Giger has been in the limelight (pun intended.... see what I did there) once again do to the success of Prometheus (which feature some of his early Alien designs) and a new documentary entitled Jodorowsky's Dune, which tells the story of Alejandro Jodorowsky's failed attempt to make a Dune adaption into a movie. Giger was commissioned to bring Frank Herbert's world to life. Unfortunately that never happened... but now we will finally get to see the genius work Giger had planned for us. He died this week after complications from a fall that he endured. Rest in Piece, sir... and thanks for the art! You can see some pics of Giger's room at Limelight after the jump.....

Giger (on left) with Limelight owner Peter Gatien in the Giger Room


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