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May 14, 2014

The 'Constantine' TV Show Has A Trailer... And One Guaranteed Viewer In Me Because It Looks Pretty Perfect!

Hellblazer is one of the most epic comics ever written, and has long been a staple of the Vertigo line for DC Comics alongside Sandman. The main character, John Constantine, was given a movie featuring the national treasure that is Keanu Reeves... and it rubed a lot of true Hellblazer fans the wrong way. Not me though, I actually liked the film. A lot. Sure, he wasn't British and was missing his signature blonde locks. But he smoked like a chimney, had the dope arm tats, and the effects were fantastic for both the angels and demons portrayed in the film. Reeves kicked ass, and this movie gets a bad rap in my humble opinion. I recently watched it again on a fluke and fell in love with the character all over again. I plan on going back and reading the comics all over again, but then my year was made when I heard NBC had a show coming this fall based on the series! Oh man, I am excited. The show is being showran by David Goyer, and the pilot is being directed by Neil Marshall. Matt Ryan is playing Constantine, and he certainly looks a lot more like Johnny C than Keanu did. And the 3 minute trailer that they have shared online looks magnificent. Bravo NBC. Lets hope it turns out as good as this preview looks! Check out the trailer after the jump...

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