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April 3, 2014

These Are The Kind Of Reboots I Can Get Behind... Rosemary's Baby Comes To TV !!!

I am of the opinion that nothing is above a reboot or re-do... nothing at all. But I do believe that there must be a valid reason for doing it other than just for the fuck of it. Like when Stephen King wanted to re-do The Shining. He never liked the way Stanley Kubrick's version of the book turned out (which while I think Kubrick's movie is great it is VASTLY different than the book), and he wanted an adaption that could be closer to the book. Same thing went with the Total Recall reboot. The directors/producers promised something that would echo the original book by Philip K Dick... something that was severely lacking in Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Or maybe you just want to tell a different kind of a story... like what Marc Webb is doing with the Spider-Man reboot or what Chris Nolan did with his Batman trilogy. There are reasons, and then there are VALID reasons. That is usually the only thing I want to see before I can get behind a reboot. And this DEFINITELY seems to be the case with NBC's remake of Rosemary's Baby. The new series (which will be 4 hours in total length) will have more screen time to explore more of the intricacies between Rosemary & the cult while she is pregnant with her baby, as well as weaving in more of the book by Ira Levin that may have been left on the cutting room floor by Roman Polanski. Even though Polanski's version is damn near perfect and doesn't need updating/re-doing, this idea is not really too bad. It updates the setting to modern times, one of the only knocks when trying to have someone new watch the film for the first time. It is just so hard for someone in 2014 to understand what everyday life was like in the late 1960s. Now the story is contemporary, so we can get a much more up to date version of the setting. Also, Zoe Saldana is set to take on Mia Farrow's role as Rosemary. That is something I can get behind, and it also adds the racial aspect to the mix. Jeffrey 'Malfoy Senior' Isaacs will be taking on Roman Castevet, a classic role turned in by Sidney Blackmer back in 1968. The mini series will be out this summer (I love original programming in the summer... especially HORROR programming!) and you can see the first short teaser trailer after the jump...


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