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April 3, 2014

5,428 Days Later - The Phantom Menace Inspired Fan Film That Will Make You Smile Whether You Are A Prequel Apologist Or Not

5, 428 Days Later is a fan film that laments the creation of the first Star Wars prequel and how it has affected the lives of one particular person in general. Imagine if one lonely storm trooper wanted to whitewash the memory of The Phantom Menace from his memory. He would just destroy his copy of the VHS, and all would be past... right? Wrong... so wrong. Watch our down on his luck trooper struggle with trying to rid himself from the burden of the movie that he wished never happened... and all the hi jinks and creepiness that accompanies him on his adventures. Hello Greedo has constructed a cool one, so click here to check out more of the things the gang has done. Great music choices (very spooky), cool shots, and an interesting tie in to Star Wars - Yup, a perfect recipe for a cool fan film. Enjoy it in full after the jump...

Stay tuned during the credits of the clip for some behind the scenes shots!

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