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April 29, 2014

The 3 Ms: Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo For The Win!!!

Mondo is a killer poster company. Marvel seems to be doing OK in the comic book industry. And Mike Mitchell is doing his thing in the art world. So when you put the three together, you are going to get gold. And that is what we get from the newest Mondo release. Mike Mitchell was given full run of the Marvel stable of characters to construct a series of 12 x 16 side view portraits, and the results are a mix of surprising and fantastic. In this series he chooses some interesting subjects to say the least. A bunch of X-Men (but not the usual suspects), 2 Daredevil's, and a version of the new Ghost Rider that is just amazing. It is a fun mix, and the pieces all vary in the amounts being produced. You need to follow Mondo on Twitter (click here) all day Tuesday April 29th for release information. I am waiting with anticipation. How about you? And who else would you like to see Mitchell take on in his next series? Check out all the pieces after the jump...



  1. The two Daredevil pieces were my favorites.

  2. Great job. I particularly love the Ghost Rider image and the work done on War Machine.