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April 29, 2014

Justice League Brewery: Adult Beverages In Honor Of The JLA by Marcello Rizzetto

My love for comics was forged at a very early age. I remember being four or five and walking into my local neighborhood candy store, seeing a rack of comics, and falling in love with how colorful they were. From that point on I spent my life idolizing comic book characters, buying and collecting hundreds and thousands of them through the years. But now I am a grown up geek, and I have grown up needs. Enter graphic designer Marcello Rizzetto, who must be in the same boat as me and decided to do something about it. He created a six pack of beers based on the core six members of the Justice League, with each beer taking on characteristics of each hero. This is a killer idea. Superman as a super strong Pale Ale. Wonder Woman as an American Lager. The Flash as an Irish Red Ale. Aquaman as a Belgian Blonde Ale. Green Lantern as a special edition St Patrick's Day Green Beer. And finally Batman as a Dark Ale. It all works so perfect, both in reference to the heroes and to the potentially deliciousness of these beers! I can get behind this. You can see all 6 beers after the jump, and hopefully we see something like this in the future...


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