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February 5, 2014

The NFL Gets A Mascot Makeover... One From A Galaxy Far, Far Away!!!!

This past Super Bowl wasn't much of a game, at least not the one we were promised. The #1 Offense of the Denver Broncos were completely shut down by the oppressive #1 Defense of the Seattle Seahawks in what quickly went from a potential battle for the ages to the laughing stock of all big games. I have heard countless stories from people who were multi-tasking while "watching" (aka not paying attention) to the game. Seems like graphic artist John Raya may have had some time on his hands, and he whipped up 32 sweet Star Wars themed football helmets to represent all the teams in the NFL. Some are no brainers, like the green Philly Eagles becoming the Yoda's or the black & silver Raiders becoming the Vaders. But others are much more clever, like the Broncos as the Hoth Taun Taun's... an ironic choice, considering how fierce they were all season and how they got butchered up in the SB. These are all great, and you can see all 32 of them by clicking here. Check out my personal faves after the jump...

Cowboys as the good guys? Come on!!!

RG III does kind of look like Jar Jar... 

Cut open and gutted! 

This is just perfect! 

Cardinals & Royal Guards Match Up Well... 

Again... the Pats as the Good Guys??? COME ON!!!! (although the logo & Obi Wan are a match)


Tennessee Titans as Boba? Yup, I can see it...


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