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February 5, 2014

Snoopy x Enemy Ace: I Would Read The SHIT Out Of This Comic!!!

Our good buddy Ross has created many awesome "alternate reality" comic book covers over at his awesome Super Team Family blog. These are just spectacular, and his creativity always shines through... especially when he digs deep into the archives to come up with a worthy team up. My favorite Christmas song ever is "Christmas Bells" by The Royal Guardsman, that continues the story of Snoopy taking on the Red Baron in World War II. I always loved the storytelling of the song, and it was always cool to me to see Snoopy in the roll as a fighter pilot. So Ross decided to incorporate an old faithful DC Comic character in Enemy Ace, and match him up with Joe Cool. What a great idea, and it works so well. I loved the most recent inclination of Enemy Ace (Enemy Ace: War In Heaven by Garth Ennis) and Christmas just passed (so I was listening to the Royal Guardsman like crazy) so I had to share. Check out the full pic after the jump...



  1. Super Team Family is a great blog. No one does comic book mashups like this guy. I often feature them on the ol Cave of Cool. That reminds me, do you still want my stuff?

  2. Cal,

    I sent you an email a while back wondering why you haven't posted over here. I was curious. I think it was when you were going through your email meltdown. Feel free to jump back in and drop some drafts!