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February 24, 2014

Harold Ramis, R.I.P. November 21st 1944 - February 24th 2013 (69 years old)

A little piece of my youth just died. Wow, this sucks. Harold Ramis, 1/4 of the famous Ghostbusters and writer/filmmaker/producer extraordinaire has passed away. He died from complications of a rare disease, autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis. Very rarely do we find someone in the film industry that is SO TALENTED on so many DIFFERENT LEVELS. This is a man responsible for writing classics like Ghostbusters, Stripes, Caddyshack and Animal House. He directed Caddyshack, National Lampoon's Vacation, Analyze This, and Club Paradise (a personal fave of mine). He acted brilliantly in Ghostbusters I & II, Stripes, and late career cameos in films like Orange County & Knocked Up where he always stole the show. He is also responsible for most of the stories that powered the various Ghostbusters cartoons and video games from the last 30 years. The dude was a true triple threat that is quite rare in Hollywood. I honestly hate this part of getting old, its inevitable that the people you looked up to in your favorite forms of entertainment are bound to pass on. It is also more frustrating to lose a dude like this before they could make Ghostbusters III, all for no reason. They could have gotten any budget and done anything they wanted, and with Ramis writing the project I am sure it would have been epic. Thanks for fucking around all these years and wasting time (yes I am talking to you Bill Murray!). Take it light Egon, you were a really talented dude who seemed to be just a regular guy. Enjoy that big ghost trap in the sky!!! I will be posting a few of my favorite Ramis moments after the jump...      

Knocked Up: One of my favorite scenes featuring Ramis, even though it is a short cameo:

Stripes: Willing To Learn - Nope, never convicted... lol

Orange County: The Dean Flips Out - Stealing a whole movie in a short cameo...

Ghostbusters: Twinkie Scene - Does it get any nerdier than this... lol

Ghostbusters: This Man Has No Dick - I know Ramis doesn't utter most of the classic lines, but by far my favorite scene in the film...

Stripes: Basic English - The first scene... really? So great!

Stripes: Psycho & Ox - Ramis doesn't say a word, but his faces mugging with John Candy are brilliant

Best of Caddyshack: Since he wrote it and directed it, its only fitting...

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