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January 8, 2014

I'm Dreaming Of A Red Christmas: A Christmas Story of Fire & Ice by Anna Marie Jung & Andrew Bridgman

I always like the original comics over at Dorkly, but this might be one of the funniest ones I can remember seeing. George R.R. Martin may very well be the most beloved and hated man by the same people in the world... people adore his books and the HBO show based on it, yet hate him mercilessly for the excessive waiting that he puts people through in between books. People also seem to hate him for the uncanny ability he has to kill of seemingly main characters on a whim. This comic plays on both of those things, with a bit of a Christmas twist. A perfect wrap up of the holidays (see what I did there... holiday/wrap... I'm a genius). Make sure to check back to Dorkly's awesome comic pages often, and check out the full comic after the jump...

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