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January 13, 2014

"Hulky The Pooh Doesn't Know What To Do.." - Marvel Characters In The Vein of Winnie the Pooh by CP Wilson III

Reddit is a treasure trove. A literal treasure trove of cool things to post. Take these extraordinary original pieces from artist CP Wilson III. He decided to channel E.H. Shepard's style of art that made Winnie the Pooh a household recognized character and use it to bring certain Marvel characters to life. He has the Hulk playing the role of Pooh, and the rest of the Marvel catalog as supporting Pooh characters. I love the way he taps into some of the more obscure Marvel story lines (Planet Hulk, Future Imperfect, etc) and delivers some great renditions. What a great mash up. Wilson III is currently the illustrator of Wraith for IDW, and his traditional works are pretty spectacular as well. But these are a great side project for him, and he is on to something. You can check out all of the stuff Wilson III has to offer on his Deviant Art page. Thanks to Joe Fletch for another killer find...


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