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January 24, 2014

80's Monster Claymation by Trent Shy

I have been missing my main man Johnny's website Freddy In Space since he has taken the blog off the Net, but am really happy for him considering that he has become a full time writer for bigger horror sites like Fear Net and the like... it is kind of bittersweet. But I do think it is pretty dope that he is writing for the big fellas... and I try to check in on the gems he is dropping as often as I can. One of those gems came in the form of an excellent video that he put up this week from Trent Shy. It is a claymation video that highlights some of the greatest moments in horror movies from the 80s, which in my opinion is the greatest decade of horror movies ever! There are some really great depictions in the clip, my favorite probably being Belial from Basket Case. What a forgotten classic... great find Johnny! Follow more of the great stuff Johnny is doing all over the 'net by checking in on his Facebook page, and check out the video after the jump....

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