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November 14, 2013

Geek Construction Done Right - Man At Arms: Mjolnir

Man At Arms is a cool series that allows a master blacksmith Tony Swatton a chance to hone his craft and apply it to weaponry from geek culture. He has made a ton of weapons for movies, TV shows, and much more... and Awe Me has decided to create a web series based on his cool ass creations, and they are fantastic. I have watched about 7 of them already... but the one that is most recent has the most baring on current events. Thor is hot right now thanks to The Dark World, and Swatton makes a copy of Mjolnir that is just crazy! It is hollow, yet still weighs TWENTY POUNDS!!!! Good lawd! Not this is not the first time we have seen replica weapons made. Our good buddies over at Skelton Key Studios have killed many a replica (check out where we featured them here and here)... but those were not PRACTICAL weapons in the sense that they were fakes that just looked really great. These are usable weapons being made by Swatton... just check the video for proof of that. Make sure you check out all the videos they have, and check out the Mjolnir list after the jump...

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  1. I just tagged about 10 videos from Awe Me to watch later. Some really good looking videos, check them out!