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November 14, 2013

Comic Book Quote Posters by G3N3S1S Studios

Reddit has be finding us some gold lately, most of it coming courtesy of my main man Joe Fletch and his obsessive surfing of the 'Net. Thank you sir. Anywho, G3N3S1S Studios is responsible for creating these awesome minimalist quote posters featuring some of the most popular characters in comic books, and boy are they pretty terrific. They mind all types of books and movies for the quotes, from classics like The Dark Knight Returns and more recent books like Batman & Robin. They quote the big guns like Bats, Cap & Wonder Woman... and also minor characters like Booster Gold, Cyborg, and Batgirl. These are just fantastic. You can see all that G3N3S1S Studios has to offer over on their Facebook page, and check out the full gallery of quote posters over at Imgur (38 in all). You can see my faves after the jump...


  1. Joe Fletch and his obsessive surfing of the 'Net.

    Yes. Reddit is quite obsessive! But there are some really great find there!