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October 29, 2013

Slaughterhouse Starlets By Keith P. Rein

While it is the time of year to celebrate all the creepy, bloody and horrific things the world has to offer... but that doesn't mean we can't add a bit of sexiness to the mix too, does it? Artist Keith P. Rein (his website says the P stands for Penis... lol) has created a series of illustrations called 'Slaughterhouse Starlets' to help bridge the gap. Some of the sexiest young starlets Hollywood has to offer today (Emma Stone, Aubrey Plaza and Zooey Deschanel just to name a few) with a bit of a dangerous edge to them. Weapons, blood and mischief make these playful pin ups appealing... and leave me wanting to see more! Check them all out over at Rein's website, and check out my personal faves after the jump...

Created by Keith P. Rein

But they all seemed so perfectly normal.

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