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October 22, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013 - Day 4 Cosplay

And then there was one... one final day of cosplay at the 2013 NY Comic Con! Day 4 (Sun) was no joke, as the kiddies are free and we saw some incredible family style team cosplaying! There were some great costumes, and people who dress up all four days usually save their best for the last day. A fully functioning steampunk R2 D2? Yup. Epic Hawk Man and Hawk Girl team up? Definitely. A very sexy, thickness and muscularly accurate She Hulk? For sure! A family of movie style Avengers? Wow, I love this show... what a great day. Check out all the final days awesome costumes after the jump....


  1. Great Domino....even better Harley Quinn

    ...winner on this day is, of course, Young Indiana Jones!

  2. PS

    Was that a dude dressed up like Evil-Lyn?!