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October 22, 2013

CCD Presents: Artist Ali Solomon Live From Artists Alley at the 2013 NY Comic Con

There were over 300 artists who displayed and sold their work in Artists Alley at the 2013 NY Comic Con. They are all very talented and unique in their own way. But when I walked down the aisle that Ali Solomon's booth was occupying, I was stopped in my tracks. The work that he had displayed was absolutely awesome... it looked as if I was looking at a HDTV set tuned to the Cartoon Network. The colors are so vibrant and jump off the page. It was a style that is so unique, that there was nobody displaying art like that for sale. Ali was a really cool dude and was willing to chat with us live from his booth about his process and what goes into his art. He was very forthcoming and provide excellent insight into his whole artistic process. Check out more of his work over at Wheelz In Motion, and you can see his Deviant Art page by clicking here. You can also email Ali ( and request print prices... and all of you should do so, cause his work is just fantastic. I personally picked up his Flash/Road Runner piece, and I can't wait to get it framed! After the jump you can see a few of his pieces that are my favorite as well as the full video interview.

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  1. I love this guys work! I wish I had a place to hang all of it!