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October 22, 2013

Rocky Balboa Statues by Walt Wizard Designs - Live From The Floor of The 2013 NY Comic Con

When I was walking the floor of the 2013 NY Comic Con I came across some really cool shit. There was tons of booth that had very interesting stuff on display. But one of the coolest booths that I encountered had to be the Walt Wizard Design booth. Walt Wizard is a company that makes statues and busts and is based out of Los Angeles & Las Vegas. They construct amazing lifelike sculptures that are the same size as the actors they are replicating, and the pieces have all the details and features of the subjects. They seem to have a penchant for Sylvester Stallone, as he is the most popular subject that they have used as a model so far. Their NY Comic Con display consisted of two Rocky statues, both of them capturing the Italian Stallion in all his fighting glory. The statues were amazing, so lifelike and detailed that I couldn't even tell that they were not real. I tried to capture the statues from every angle, but I can't possibly do them any justice. They were quite the site to see The life size statues start around $2,000 bucks and can go up in price, which may seem steep but really is nothing considering the articulation and details that Walt puts into his pieces. The more detailed and the more accessories they sport, the more the statues can be.  Walt also actively accepts commissions, and he is currently working on a few (Bruce Lee, Han Solo, Godzilla... just to name a few). Just drop him an email ( and he will provide you with a price quote. You can check out Walt Wizard's website by clicking here,  where you can check out many of the cool projects that they have worked on in the past. YOOOOO ADRIANNNNNNN!!!!

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