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October 7, 2013

Horror Costumes + Conventions = Halloween Cosplay Gold !!!

Yup, it is about that time... NY Comic Con is right around the corner! We are super excited here at CCD to be part of both sides of the proceeds, covering the event with our press passes and having a booth of our very own selling Tommy Lombardozzi's & Sean/Griffin Hartter's art. But if there is a major convention around the corner, that means there must be cosplay being planned. With NY Comic Cons closeness to Halloween, it is only natural that I expect to see some really great horror costumes. So in preparation I decided to search the web for some great past horror cosplay to kind of get me in the mood. I found some great stuff, especially all the zombified & monster style superhero costumes that are becoming more prevalent. These are fantastic... I hope to see much more like these in the future. Check them out after the jump...

Weeping Angels from Dr. Who

Martyr's Cosplay

Zombie Logan

Superman and his pal Zombie Man...

Zombies From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Inhabitants of the Dead Mushroom Kingdom...

Dead Snow Nazi Zombie

Girl Chuckie... She is your friend to the end!!! 

White Walkers Live in America!!!!!!!

Cap Zombie...

Dead Smurfs....

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