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October 31, 2013

Artin' It Up - 2013 All Horror Week Edition - Day #4

It's actually Halloween DAY!!! One of my favorite days of the year. And a perfect time to share Tommy Lombardozzi's fourth installment of Artin' It Up for All Horror Week. This time he check in with a cult classic, Halloween III; Season of the Witch. Tommy decided to honor the memory of the great, yet often maligned, horror film by creating an image featuring all three of the Silver Shamrock masks from the film. It's tagline was "The Night No One Comes Home!", and the film is epic to me despite the fact that Michael Myers does not appear in it. I loved the creepy ass plot, and the murderous masks and the plan to kill all the kids across the land. This piece was created color pencil, ink, marker and spray paint... and was created on a BROWN PAPER BAG! Very creative, and also a cool background color for such a creepy drawing. Enjoy the full size pic after the jump, and make sure you check back tomorrow for Day #5 of Artin' It Up - 2013 All Horror Week Edition!


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