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September 24, 2013

OHC's of the Day: 2013 New Network TV Stars Edition

It has been a while since we have done a Obscure Hot Chick of the Day pictorial spread here on CCD, so given that this is the new TV season and there are a ton of hotties starring in new shows I figured it was a fitting topic to bring back our old favorite story topic. I think you lovers of newly unveiled hot TV starlets will appreciate this one. I threw in 6 of these (probably) unknown actresses on this list for you to become familiar with... but I am sure they will be household names soon enough.  Check out all the pics after the jump...

1) Chloe Bennet - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - One of the team on Marvel's new live action TV show. I wouldn't mind being arrested by her... just saying!

2) Melissa Fumero - Brooklyn 99 - Starring opposite doofy looking Andy Samberg might even make this stunner hotter!

3) Phoebe Tonkin - The Originals - Not really interested in this Vampire Diaries spin off, but I was never really interested in the Vampire Diaries but always found room to admire Nina Dobrev. Same thing here.

4) Sleepy Hollow - Nicole Beharie - Nice to see a black actress as a lead in a show. Cute too... it helps!

5) Megan Boone - The Blacklist - I hope this ambitious show doesn't get cancelled because James Spader is an awesome bad guy helping out the good guys and Ms. Boone is impossible not to oogle. That women is pure sexy...

6) Jessica De Gouw - Dracula - Not really interested in this show, can totally understand why ole Drac has his eyes (and teeth) set on this cutie though...