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September 24, 2013

The Dr. Suess - Jurassic Park Themed Hotel That Can't Possibly Be Part Of a Major Hotel Chain.. But Is!

Chain hotels tend to be just that... links in a a chain. They are cookie cutter, exactly alike, and a word like unique is not often used to describe them. Holiday Inn, Best Western, Days Inn... no matter where you are in the country, if you walk into one of these places than you are basically going to see more of the exact same things. The lobbies are identical, the rooms are furnished the same, and the rates are about the same no matter where you go. Truly not unique. Unless you go to the Best Western in Denver.. than you are in for a treat!!! The BW in Denver decided to convert their hotel to a themed resort... not only one theme, but two! They love Dr. Suess, and they love dinosaurs... so why not make Suesstastic Park!!! Yup, the whole hotel has a dinosaur theme with a Suess-ian twist. This is so amazing, and even more impressive when you realize that you are getting such a unique experience while paying the same price as most other Best Westerns (around 90-100 a night). One of the coolest aspects has to be that they contacted awesome toy customizer Sillof to create some figures to display around the property that adopt the characteristics of what a Dr. Suess designed dinosaur would look like. A very unique hotel in the world of usual normalcy. Book your stay at the Best Western Denver asap by clicking here, and check out some cool pics after the jump...

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  1. I love those dinosaur toys. Do they sell them in the lobby?