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September 23, 2013

Minimalist Disney Attraction Posters

Disney gets it. They totally understand marketing and have for years. Maybe that is just a small reason on why the company has been so epically successful in getting customers in the doors. But the coolest part about the company is that they are totally open to exploring different aspects of marketing... especially when it comes concocting posters to promote their attractions. Check out these minimalist posters (which are all the rage) that appear over at the Disney & More blogspot page. They really capture the essence of the classic Disney rides and put a fresh spin on these old faithful rides. It is good to see that Disney is consistently trying to look for new ways to market their products, even though the rep that they have now is probably big enough just to coast on. Either way, any visitor who has been to Disney will love these posters. Check out all 5 after the jump...

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