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September 20, 2013

It's Official - CCD Blog Presents: Tommy Lombardozzi & The Hartter Family at The 2013 New York Comic Con!!!!

So any followers of our little blog know that over the past three years we have been given the honor of covering the New York Comic Con via press passes. These passes give us access to the show and allow us to do some really cool interviews (like this, this and this). We are gearing up for year 4 of Comic Con coverage, and this year looks to be the biggest one yet! But this year we are foraying into another venture at the show... and boy is it exciting. We are teaming up with fellow CCD contributor and artist extraordinaire Tommy Lombardozzi and the son of late artistic genius Sean Hartter (R.I.P. Brother) Griffin to have our own table in Artists Alley!!! Yup, pass by booth # Z - 18 and come enjoy the artistic stylings of Tommy, Sean and Griff... and who knows, maybe you will even take home something for your own collection that the boys have for sale. This is a new and exciting experience for us, so please come through and support the fellas if you happen to be in the building for the show. Check out a few things that will be for sale after the jump, especially the insane Jack Kirby inspired monster print of 'Goom' that was drawn by Tommy Lombardozzi and colored by Sean Hartter!

Here is our 2013 NYCC Exclusive: Goom by Tommy Lombardozzi & Sean Hartter

Our flyer:

Some of Tommy Lombardozzi's Work:

Some Of Sean & Griffin Hartter's Work:

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