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September 23, 2013

I Don't Hate This Idea Even One Little Bit

I even like the idea of a Howling Commandos series featuring these great Marvel Monsters. I have mixed feelings about many episodes of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. I think they break the 'fourth wall' a little too often with Spidey talking to the screen but it's still a Spider-Man cartoon and features some cool characters we haven't seen much of in Marvel animation before. The Spider-Man concept has been done better in previous cartoon incarnations but I watch and will certainly be catching this special Halloween episode. Check out more after the jump...

Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man makes its Disney Channel debut in a special one-hour Halloween event, Saturday, October 5 at 9pm/8c. This brand new prime time animation special features a never-before-seen team-up with Blade, the fan favorite vampire hunter; Jack Russell aka Werewolf by Night; The Living Mummy; Frankenstein’s Monster and Man-Thing. United together in animation for the first time, Spider-Man and his monstrous allies take on one of the biggest Halloween villains of all time, Dracula!

This landmark Marvel event also features a star-studded voice cast, including Disney Channel star Ross Lynch (Austin & Ally, Teen Beach Movie) as Jack Russell; Terry Crews (The Expendables) as Blade; and Oded Fehr (The Mummy) as The Living Mummy.

“This is the biggest event in Ultimate Spider-Man history,” said Jeph Loeb, Marvel’s Head of Television. “We’ve brought Spidey together with our greatest Supernatural heroes and some of the hottest names to voice them. We’re hoping families turn down the lights and turn up the volume for our spookiest special yet, courtesy of Ultimate Spider-Man!”

The episode will re-air the following week within the weekly Marvel Universe block on Disney XD, on Sunday, October 13 at 11am/10c.

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