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August 7, 2013

'Thor: The Dark World' Just Keeps Looking Better & Better

One of the biggest surprises of the Marvel Cinematic universe so far has to be the success of Thor. Not the character itself (any character in Avengers would have done well), but the actual ability of the first movie to pull off the mystical elements associated with the character and make it relatable to the real world is nothing short of amazing. Thor took an obscure, not very easy to like character and made him a shining star... and honestly, thank god (or the gods... lol) for that. Chris Hemsworth was born to play this guy, and the supporting cast was quite epic (Rene Russo, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings, and Stellan Skarsgard just to name a few). So after the events of Avengers (which only includes Thor & Loki in the movie, eschewing all of the other characters from the Thor film) we get to return to the world that Kenneth Branagh developed with Thor: The Dark World. This film looks a lot darker, and seems to be filled with a ton of action. We also now have a second trailer, which provides us with a look into the magical world of Asgard and all the wonders that it has to offer. But one thing I have noticed is that we don't see much about the main baddies Malekith the Accursed & Kurse, two of the Dark elves that are going to be Thor's main adversaries. It seems like they are dangling Loki a lot in the trailer in the hope to convince people he is the movies villain and then they will play a switcheroo and have Loki stay true as a good guy (well as good as he can be) and bring the elves on as a surprise. Kinda like they did with the Chitauri and Loki in the Avengers movie (Loki was promoted as the baddie, but the invading alien Chitauri were actually the real big threat). Either way, Thor: The Dark World sure does look like fun and will be an awesome way to end the summer movie season when it comes out in November. Check out the second trailer after the jump...

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