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August 7, 2013

The Unholy Three: Tommy Lombardozzi Takes On Blue Devil, Son of Satan & Nightcrawler!!!!

A few weeks back my buddy Tommy Lombardozzi posted a thread on Facebook asking for some help. He had been having some trouble finding inspiration on new subjects to draw, so he figured he would turn to his eclectic friends list to solicit some suggestions. He asked us to come up with characters we would like to see him draw, but asked us to dig deeper other than the mainstream characters like Iron Man & Cap. In no time flat he was getting all types of weird and wild requests... and I got in on the fun as well. As usual, Tommy didn't take the easy choices... he decided to play with some of the really obscure characters that were lobbed at him. His three choices were as follows: DC Comics Blue Devil (my choice, and always one of my 80s faves!), Marvel's Son of Satan, and X-Men mainstay Nightcrawler. Now I know Nightcrawler is not exactly obscure, but Tommy had never really drew him and he is definitely not the first thing that pops in someones head when they here X-Men. So he fit in the mix. The results are quite amazing. Tommy decided to use markers & spray paint to create his masterpieces, and he created them on comic book backing boards!!!! What a great idea for drawing your favorite comic characters.... the backing boards that keep their sacred homes on the pages of comics safe. Tommy is planning to do many more of these Comic Book Backing Board Series illustrations for our table at the 2013 NY Comic Con, so keep a look out here on CCD for some previews. Please check out Tommy Lombardozzi's website and buy some prints (support independent artists) and check out Blue Devil, Son of Satan & Nightcrawler in all their glory after the jump...

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