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August 6, 2013

So The 'Europa Report' Looks Pretty Awesome...

The Europa Report looks a lot like the kind of movie that I usually love. It deals with the recent advancement in technology that will enable us to further space travel. Nasa gets wind that their might be a hidden ocean under the ground of Jupiter's moon Europa from an unmanned probe, so they put together a super team of the world's best astronauts to check it out. The crew of six from around the world are the best at what they do, and all are looking to find some of the universe's secrets under the ground in Europa. Bur whenever you want to get that far out into space, you are way to far away from your home base should anytime go wrong. Or better yet, WHEN things go wrong. Cause in these types of movies, things ALWAYS seem to go wrong... Honestly, when you are two or three YEARS away from Earth there is no one to turn to for help except each other. Some frontiers are best left undiscovered. The movie is in limited theatrical release right now, and is also currently on demand. I always love Sharlito Copley, and he looks like he delivers another stellar performance in this one. Check out the trailer after the jump.

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