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August 1, 2013

So 47 Ronin Looks Pretty Bad Ass....

I have been hearing about the movie '47 Ronin' for quite a bit... but then after it was delayed it seemed to have fallen off the radar. Grumblings of the director fighting with studio big wigs over budget concerns and talks of pacing problems had thoughts on the movie skewing towards the shitty but, I recently came across some character posters and an extended trailer that made me start to think quite the opposite... on the contrary, I think Keanu may have another surprise hit on his hands (a la 'The Matrix'). C'mon, don't even front... nobody knew 'The Matrix' was gonna blow up and spawn 2 sequels when it first came out. But between the action, the beautiful settings, and what looks to be an interesting cast (wait till you see a certain tattooed character in the character posters/trailer) are all making me quite anxious to see this film. Well, we will be getting our chance ...this Christmas (wamp wamp), but after the jump you can see some character posters & a full 2.5 minute trailer. That should hold you over till the main course...

Character posters:

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