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August 1, 2013

Sketch Lottery Presents: Bane

The guys over at Sketch Lottery are still going strong, and their latest subject is a good ole fashion baddie: Bane!!! For those of you who don't know what Sketch Lottery is, it works like this. A bunch of talented artists (of varying degrees in ability) each submitted a character that would be a topic of the Sketch Lottery. That formed the original character pool. A subject is chosen at random and drawn for one week. The works can be drawn in any medium or type of art, and all submitted works are published (no judgement on their merit, all the art is given props!). If an artists submits a pic on any subject, they then get to enter a subject in the lottery pool... so the more sketches a subject gets, the more possible subjects get entered in the pool for next time! Great idea, right? Most subjects get at least 10 entries, but a popular one like Bane got over 20 in the past week! Not only does that mean 20 innovative & creative interpretations of the man who broke the Bat, but it also means 20 more subjects get tossed into the pot! God I wish I could drawn... maybe one day I will submit a piece and get to enter Inspector Clouseau!!! You can also get involved by following the submission rules that are listed here... tell 'em CCD sent ya! Check out all the great work over at Sketch Lottery's main page (Leoric from Visionaries is the current subject, the Bane pieces are just a short trip down the page clicking here), and you can catch some of my faves after the jump...

William Koehler

Dov Torbin

Marco DiLeonardo 

Carlos Mangual

Mike Monge

Anthony Picone

Nicole Esposito

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