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August 27, 2013

Mondo Goes To Duckburg...

Mondo has plenty of interesting posters coming out of their operation in Texas, but sometimes I see what they have as an upcoming release and I get very excited. Today was one of those days, as they have teamed up with Disney to help promote the release of 'Duck Tales: Remastered'. DT: Remastered is a re-engineered version of the 1989 classic Ninetendo video game that is being released on all the major platforms (Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and Wii U). It will be an upgraded version of the classic game, featuring new voice transfers from original cast members of the TV show. As a huge fan of the original cartoon and someone who has logged in many hours on the NES game I am very excited, and was blown away by the four posters that Mondo created to celebrate the re-release of the game. The usual suspects are here for Mondo (Phantom City Creative, JJ Harrison, Anne Benjamin, and DKNG) and there are two variant editions also... but the price point on these are a bit lower than usual Mondo posters (until they get to Ebay... yeesh!). Click here to head over to the Mondo twitter and see if you can score some of these great posters (they will go on sale sometime on Wed Aug 28th), and click after the jump for a nice preview of the posters and a trailer for the new game...

JJ Harrison

Anne Benjamin

Phantom City Creative (original)

Phantom City Creative (variant)

DKNG (original)

DKNG (variant)

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