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July 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Jeffy!!!!

Today is a great day... I get to celebrate a birthday with one of my best buds! Those of you guys who read CCD know of Jeff Bond, one of the behind the scenes guys here at the website. He has been involved with CCD since the early days, when he started posting his awesome Lost recap blogs during Season 6. He then continued with his 'I'd Buy That As A T' T-shirt posts & his 'Like, Like?' art features. But what most people don't know is that Jeff works tirelessly behind the scenes, editing and helping to keep the website looking good as well as always being their whenever we have any extra curricular activities like our tireless coverage of NYC Comic Con. My man has been by my side since the beginning, so its only fitting that as we stand on the cusp of expanding the site that he is right there with me. Happy bday brother man... enjoy this picture of Rebo from the Cantina Band as a cake on your nerdy bday!!!! Party up kid....

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