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July 2, 2013

Butcher Billy Gets His GIF On Using Your Favorite Video Game Characters

Butcher Billy is a very interesting artist to say the least. He has clear pop culture roots that find a way into all of his work, yet his love for classic art and non traditional displays make his mash-ups quite interesting to say the least. he doesn't think twice about using a Nintendo character and and artist like Lichtenstein to bring an art piece of his to life. His latest project is a GIF series featuring various classic 80s video game characters mashed up with some cool alternate pop culture movies & music. Schwarzenegger as Donkey Kong? Akira & Pac Man? Hipster Ghosts & Goblins? These are just fantastic. My boy Jeff dug these up, and given the fact that today is his birthday I thought it would be fitting to post them up. You can check them all out in their GIF anaimated glory after the jump and even see some instances of them being used as street art. You can also buy these awesome prints in a variety of mediums, such as T shirts or I Phone cases, by clicking here. Enjoy!!!

Do you get all the references? Post them in the comment section below. Here are some pictures of the art on the street...


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