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June 11, 2013

William Shatner Makes Everything Better... Even Where The Wild Things Are!!!!

William Shatner is one of those legendary actors who can't do any wrong any more. They might have had ups and downs throughout their careers, and missteps as well... but they have reached that level of untouchable status that makes them bulletproof. And then they do things that add to their legend... things like Shatner did the other day at the Denver Comic Con. Shatty sat down with a group of young kids and read them Where The Wild Things Are aloud to them. Captain Kirk himself... using his trademark humor and nuttiness to its fullest extent. But the thing that makes this video so great has to be the fact that he looks like he is enjoying himself so much. Those kids are having fun too... they might not fully realize who it is talking at them, but someday it will be a story for them to tell. He was not Captain Kirk or Mr. Shatner that day... he was just Billy!!! Great tidbit that truly made me smile. Check out the full video after the jump...

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