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June 6, 2013

Grayson: Earth One Season # 1, Episode # 1

“Grayson: Earth One” season one is a non profit six episode season dedicated to exploring the origin story of the DC character known as Nightwing — but with a twist. The twist being that Richard Grayson has never had the good fortune of being adopted as a child by Bruce Wayne, thus never becoming the boy wonder. Instead, we have a Richard Grayson that had to fend for himself on the unforgiving streets of Gotham and, even worse, the streets of Bludhaven. A character that has to overcome years of dog eat dog mentality to become a selfless and kind individual. To ultimately fulfill his destiny and become a HERO.

Of course, changing that single event within Richard Grayson’s life sends a ripple across the entire DC universe. It changes the history of characters such as Bruce Wayne, Barbara Gordon, Helena Bertinelli and their adversaries too.

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I enjoyed this. The Batman looked a little funny around his cowl and that lessens the effect of his appearance. Aside from that I liked this first episode. The changes they made make sense and I hope to see how this rocker becomes a hero. I could see this on the CW following ARROW.

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