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May 9, 2013

What Type Of Geek Are You???

There are many different kind of geeks out there... that is not debatable. The thing that makes geeks so cool is their love of 'certain' specific things. They may overlap, but no real geek is an across the board geek. They specialize. Take Scott Johnson's '56 Geeks' poster as an example. Johnson uses graphics to illustrate 56 types of geeks and how they usually appear (or would like to appear if they had their druthers!). The Cosplay, Tron & Apple geeks are my faves. I fit in about 10 of these categories for sure. This is a great poster, but Johnson has much more cool shit over at his Frogpants store for sale. This one goes for 12.99. That is not bad for a 12 x 18 poster. Click after the jump for the full size poster...



  1. I thought for sure they wouldn't necessarily have one that I could ultimately identify with ...since I don't consider myself a 'geek' per say....but, there I am, almost front and center, LEGO Geek!


  2. ARGH... I am all i think. made it up and down the list, to only discover i am a "super" geek.