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May 13, 2013

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Shows Us What Those Guys Do For Fun On The International Space Station... It's Bowie Time!!!!

I always wondered what astronauts do for fun up on those space ships and space stations. I am sure there are movies & video games, that sort of technology seems easy enough to supply given the technology involved in space travel. But karaoke... or better yet re-enacting a classic rock tune by making your own video? I would have never thought it possible. But astronaut Chris Hadfield has done just that, and boy has he picked just the right tune to do it. Hadfield takes on David Bowie's 'Space Oddity', a song that revolves around the communication between ground control on Earth and a lone astronaut named Major Tom who is on a mission in space (for those that live under a fucking rock... I am sure most of you knew what Space Oddity was about!). What a  great idea, and it is executed perfectly. Gotta love the anti gravity shots, and the backgrounds of outer space and the stars. I love this video. Thanks to Rob & Cal for posting this over on Facebook. So perfect. Check out more of Chris Hadfield's videos over at his Youtube page (he has some good ones), and check out the Space Oddity video  after the jump...

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