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April 24, 2013

The A To Z Blogger Challenge 2013: Day 21 - U Is For Urban Legend

U is a tough letter, so in honor of this letter in the challenge I decided to look to my favorite blogger Cal for some guidance. You see, Cal has a theory about movies. It is called his 'Full Retard' theory. What he says is that the stupider, sillier, and overall retarded a movie is in concept is the better it can be. But it has to go 'Full Retard'... no half stepping. If it doesn't go all the way, it usually falls flat. so I picked one of my favorite examples of 'Full Retard'... Urban Legend. The 1998 slasher film features all the hot young actors of the late 90s, like Josh Jackson, Tara Reid, and Jared Leto. The movie takes the whole idea of Urban legends and uses it to create a Scream rip off of a movie, but in effect it is awesome because the idea of a killer pulling all of this shit off is the real definition of 'Full Retard'. So great. the movie also features a the lovely Alicia Witt. One of my favorite actresses (when it comes to looks), this red head stunner is one of the only bright spots in Urban Legend (see what I did there... redhead & bright spot... I am a blogging genius). Since I have a weakness for obscure actresses and redheads, Witt is a perfect choice for the U letter category. You can see all the people working on the A to Z Blogger Challenge by clicking here, and see the smoking hot pics of Witt after the jump...


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