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April 24, 2013

The Sketch Lottery Crew Takes On Power Lords...

I have been following the Sketch Lottery for the past couple of weeks because it is a really cool site that features the art of a few of my friends. But when their most recent topic came in the vein of Power Lords, I just realized that I had to feature the pieces here on CCD. Adam Power was one of my favorite toys of all time, and I share that love with my boy Joey Esq. There are five pieces in the gallery already, but there will probably be more to come shortly. I am posting the first five, and then if there are more I will get 'em up shortly. Check back to Sketch Lottery often so that you can see some of the great work they do. They take on different topics all the time. For now, it's Power Lord hour!!!!!! Check them out after the jump...

Andy Macdonald

James Wilkes

Marco Dileonardo

Mike Monge 

Lou Mazzella

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