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April 25, 2013

Classic X-Men by Steve Rude

I have been a fan of Steve Rude's artwork for quite sometime, albeit in a round about way. Rude is the artist who drew a comic called Nexus... not really a largely distributed or widely read comic. But a place that I frequent, Joe Koch's Comic Warehouse in Brooklyn, had a ton of the Nexus graphic novels and used them as a free giveaway to people who spent more than $50 bucks at one of their sales. Since I spend that much EVERY SINGLE TIME THAT I GO THERE, I have a few of these Nexus books. The stories are OK, but the art is just fantastic. So when I saw his take on the X-Men posted over at brother Cal's Cave of Cool, I just had to re-post. With all the news about the X-Men: First Class - Days of Future Past movie dominating the comic book geek headlines, it is nice to take a look back at the early inclinations of the mutant team. I have also started reading the full X-Men run over again on my tablet and always got a kick out of the early versions of Iceman, with his snowman like appearance and hard soled boots. Rude gets it perfect. I love the team shot too... they look so normal there! I am also a fan of the Kirby-esque feel to his work in these pieces. Very indicative of the era that these characters come from. Enjoy much more of Rude's work over at his blog, and check out the X-Men stuff after the jump...

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