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April 3, 2013

A to Z Blogger Challenge 2013: Day 3 - C is for Cabin In The Woods!!!

Day three in the 2013 A to Z Blogger Challenge, and boy it feels good! I am having a great time with my topic, which for those of you guys who haven't seen day 1 and day 2 consist of me picking a movie that begins with the letter of the day and then highlighting one of the beautiful actresses in that movie through pictures. I am using my C spot to take a look in at my favorite movie of last year, Cabin In The Woods. Most notably, female lead Kristen Connolly. I loved Connolly as final girl Dana, and I think she was a fantastic choice by geek god Joss Whedon. He certainly knows how to pick his female stars, and has been fantastic at doing so in the past (Sarah Michelle Gellar, Christina Hnedricks, and Eliza Duhku just to name a few). he totally knocks it out of the park with Connolly. She is fresh faced, has beautiful red hair and light eyes, and has proven herself to be a very good young actress. So I have big hopes for her in the future. But her place in my heart will always be cemented due to her participation in Cabin In The Woods. Check out all the fine people doing work in this years 2013 A to Z Blogger Challenge by clicking here, and check out the beautiful Kristen Connolly after the jump. Stay tuned for D tomorrow.

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