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April 4, 2013

Zoe Saldana Is Playing Gamora In 'Guardians of the Galaxy'... Color Me Intrigued!!!!

Casting news abound... and this is the kind of casting news that gets people excited for a project that is still 16 months away. Zoe Saldana, who is quickly becoming a fave among genre fans, has been cast as Gamora in James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy. Saldana is an intricate part of JJ Abrams Star Trek rebooted universe, was in Avatar, and was in comic book adaption The Losers (a very underrated movie...check it). She knows her way around a comic con... but this role will earn her infinite geek cred in the foreseeable future. Click after the jump for more...

Gamora is the adoptive daughter of Thanos, the guy who is being set up as the big baddie of the whole Phase II of Marvel's movie universe. Then she rebels against her poppa and joins the Guardians of the Galaxy to take on the mad titan as he constantly strives towards destroying the universe. She is a bad ass, has some high powered relationships with Nova & Adam Warlock, and a very intricate part of the whole Guardians/Marvel space stories mythos. I for one can't wait to see this movie. Star Lord has been cast as Chris Pratt, David Bautista is playing Drax the Destroyer, and now Saldana is Gamora. I imagine Rocket Raccoon & Groot will be CGI based (or maybe mo cap...please do mo cap!), and now we have an idea of what the whole team will look like.

I really love the casting choices so far, I think Gunn is perfect for the directing gig (Marvel did it again!), and the Guardians are an intricate part of an Marvel cosmic storyline in the history of  the company.  Guardians comes out in August of 2014. I will be there... how about you?  

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