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April 19, 2013

A To Z Blogger Challenge 2013: Day 17 - Q Is For Quarantine

Now that we are crossing into the later stages of the A to Z Blogger Challenge, I am going back to the genre I love... horror! One of the more suprising horror movies that I seen in the last few years had to be Quarantine, which is an English remake of the Spanish film REC. Not very often does a remake capture the essence of the original foreign film, but this one gets it right. The American version stars the very sexy Jennifer Carpenter, who I really love from Dexter. She has a very unique look and I think she is pretty bad ass... and I love her bad mouth. She is so sexy when she curses. Love this chick. To see more from the people participating in the A to Z Blogger Challenge, click here. Check out Jennifer's sexy pics after the jump...

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