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April 20, 2013

A To Z Blogger Challenge 2013: Day 18 - R Is For Runaways

I have a very large array of likes and dislikes, and I pride myself on not being a sheep who follows the status quo. Today's subject for the A To Z Blogger Challenge provides me with an interesting conundrum. Kristen Stewart starred in the Runaways as Joan Jett. I think she was great. I really her. A lot. But not for the reasons most do... or don't. ya see, K Stew is kind of polarizing. Most people who like her do so on the account of her portraying Bella in the Twilight movie series. I like her in the role, but I like her more in movies like Adventureland and Snow White (and the Runaways... duh!) where she gets to show her acting chops off. Others hate her for this exact same reason... which I don't get. If you don't like Twilight, cool... I get it. But don't get down on her cause she took a very lucrative role and did it justice. People also shit on her cause she seems to be emotionless, or because she she is with Robert Pattinson. Fuck all that. i like her because when she has the right material she does act well, and I think she is gorgeous. That's that. So I am happy to pick her for the Challenge. And watching her kiss girls in movies like the Runaways always helps the cause.... lol. Catch up with other participants of the A To Z Blogger Challenge by clicking here and check out K Stew's pics after the jump...


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