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March 1, 2013

More From 2012 NYC Comic Con: An Interview With Rey Arzeno From Artist Alley

The 2012 NYC Comic Con was one of the greatest experiences that we here at CCD ever had. Lock, Jeff, Tommy, Joe Fletch & I had a fantastic time utilizing our press passes to conduct some really great interviews and meet some really talented people like we were some sort of bigshots. We clearly are not, but those little plastic badges go a long way in getting you a certain access. We shot some great footage, and began to share those videos shortly after the show this past October. unfortunately, due to the after effects of Hurricane Sandy here in NY we had to put the editing of those videos on hold for a bit. But now Joe Fletch is back in the editing groove and  you guys are in for a few late treats. First up is a very cool interview with a talented artist by the name of Rey Arzeno. Rey is kinda of cool case, because before the Con I had put a few of his pieces of art here on CCD. But in my description of his art I made a mistake identifying one of the characters. Rey cleared that up for us in the comment section (hehe... that was a funny day!) and I quickly made the correction. But when I saw his name on the list of artists over at Artists Alley for the 2012 NYC Comic Con I had to walk over and introduce myself. Rey was very happy to meet us face to face, and gave us the go ahead to film a interview with him highlighting his work and providing us with an insight into how he lives his life as an artist. He also discussed some fantastic points about the roles of minority & homosexual characters in comics (his Marvel pride piece highlights the homosexual characters in Marvel Comics), what his motivations for working with certain subject areas are, and just how ahead of their time the X-Men were as being the group of different individuals in the world of comics. A great artist with some wonderful conversation... it is exactly why we do the interviews from the floor of the Con. You can see more of Rey's work by clicking here, and check out the full video after the jump to hear all that Rey has to say...

Stay tuned for more videos from CCD at the 2012 NYC Comic Con courtesy of the editting magic of Joe Fletch!!!

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