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February 14, 2013

The Numbers Station: Cusack Is A Boss!

The Number Station automatically appeals to me in two ways. One, it tackles a subject area similar to my favorite story line on 'Lost', the one about the miraculous bunker/hatch that Locke found and Desmond eventually emerged from. That is the place that 'The Numbers' are broadcast from. But the other reason is because John Cusack is back as a kick ass government agent... and I love me some Cusack, especially when he is acting like such a bad ass. Not to mention the lovely Malin Akerman, who is gorgeous and really starting to come into her own as an actress. I know she can kick some major ass as well based on her role in Watchman, and I know that she ain't afraid to show off her sexy body thanks to Watchman as well (Nite Owl tore that pussy up in the Owl Plane!). So a thriller that has our two heroes locked in a bunker, trying to keep it safe... yeah, there is gonna be a sexy scene in this one!!! Check out the first trailer after the jump....

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